Mission & Goals

  • To enable the evolution of socially responsible complete Professionals in engineering and technology with Specification in their chosen niche areas suited for the era of covering technologies and skills.
  • An endeavor to grow, educate students on modern technology, with discipline and competence as their quality.
  • Hard work, dedication respect for values as their religion.
  • To train the students for a challenging and competent work-culture.
Our Goals
  • To provide an avenue where the students can be imparted competitive education in the field of engineering course.
  • To interact with industry for a corporate orientation and exposure to the students for on the job training in industries.
  • To maintain an up-to-date library where apart from books various materials related to placement/employment opportunity and future career prospect would be available for reference.
  • To create center of excellence for technical education in the area with all the available modern teaching aids.
  • To ensure over all development of the students by enabling them in constructive activities, sports extracurricular activities to make them a better person, team man who cares for social & human values in life.