Computer Engineering – Program

Technological Developments have qualitatively enhanced our lives and the role of computer is the most effective in the modern age. Globalization and knitting the world together could have never been ever imagined without the existence of computer and internet facility. Computer Engineers with their special skills in hardware and software play a key role in the advancement of high performance microprocessor technologies and their applications in devices, process and systems. The Computer Engineering Department has excellent infrastructure and faculty to provide the ideal technical education to meet the industry standards.The department provides equal emphases to both Hardware and Software. The Institute has number of modern computer labs connected with internet and having the latest Hardware and Software to teach the students. It has large number of PCs to enable each student to operate individually during the practicals. For downloading First Year Lesson Plan, click here




Programming in Java

OOPs using Java

Computer Network

Mobile Application Development

Network Security

Software Engineering

EVS or Environmental Education

FOC or Computer Fundamental


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FOC E-Notes


Basic Eltx. ECE and CSE 2nd sem

Distributed Comp



English Notes Part 1

English Notes Part 2

English Notes Part 3

Computer Organization

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